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Welcome to the Women's Health Therapeutics and Diagnostics Summit

From endometriosis to bacterial vaginosis, infertility, pre-term birth and menopause, the need for technological advancements and innovative pipeline developments has never been higher for women's reproductive health.

The Women’s Health Therapeutics & Diagnostics Summit is your focused forum to unite with the likes of Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Organon, Hera Biotech, Evvy, Gynica, Freya Bioscience and more sharing case studies and data-driven insights, bringing the latest technological developments to the forefront and overcoming the current translational challenges. A collective goal of propelling novel treatments and diagnostic tools to market in both a safe and efficacious manner remains pivotal, striving towards a personalized medicines approach. Cut through the noise of digital health and supplements at women's health tradeshows and connect with a focused audience truly disrupting the therapeutic and diagnostic market for pressing women's health needs such as endometriosis.

Hear from the world leaders in the field as 60+ women’s health leads, clinical heads and experts from biotech and pharma touch down in Boston to define a roadmap for clinical progression including:

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Panel discussion: What are the Greatest Bottlenecks & Priorities for Industry to Tackle?

Leveraging Vaginal Microbiome Research to Develop Therapeutic Tools with Freya Biosciences 

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Progressing Research into Increased Pre-Term Birth to Grasp Causal Factors and Interventions Available with Organon

Discussing the Promising Potential of Cannabinoids for Treatment of Endometriosis with Gynica  

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how leading forces across women’s health are collaborating to create the new wave of diagnostic and therapeutic tools to fuel the future of women’s health

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your understanding of the current challenges, strategies, and solutions to revolutionize your innovative approach to diagnose and treat previously understudied disease indications including endometriosis, bacterial vaginosis, infertility, menopause and more

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with your community and peers from leading pharma and biotech companies seeking the best solution to drive more products to the clinic and beyond, building lasting connections and complementary collaboration

The huge energy and enthusiasm across women’s health always strikes me, voicing the need for change, and now is the time to do that

Freya Biosciences  

‘’Women’s health scientific innovations face unique challenges, that require a community-wide discussion’’

Hera Biotech 

The science currently is super exciting in women’s health, I am very interested to see the work being done across industry with varying biotherapeutic products in clinic

Ferring Pharmaceuticals